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WILLS AND PROBATE: Charities and Charitable Trusts

The law relating to charities and charitable trusts has developed significantly since the Statute of Elizabeth in 1601. Much of it has now been consolidated in the Charities Act 2011. However, a large part cannot be safely navigated without reference to accumulated case law, particularly in relation to categories of charitable objects and the public benefit requirement.

Accordingly, whilst the Charity Commission is able to provide guidance in the form of the publications on their website, this is not a substitute for quality legal advice, based on practical experience, to clients who may wish to make tax efficient gifts to charity or even set up a new charity, either during their lifetime or on death. Similarly we can advise and, as appropriate, act for trustees who may require assistance in undertaking their fiduciary duties or complying with their regulatory requirements.

The services which we offer include the following categories:

  • Administration of Charitable Trusts
  • Applications to the Charity Commission
  • Advice as to Trustees’ fiduciary duties
  • Construction of Wills
  • Clerk to Charity Trustees
  • Disputes over Charities and Charitable Trusts
  • Deeds of Appointment and Retirement of Trustees
  • Drafting Constitutions
  • Purchase/Sale of Charity Property
  • Schemes and Orders
  • Trustees’ Resolutions