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EMPLOYMENT: Employment Tribunals

These are the successors to Industrial Tribunals. Statute based claims (and most are statute based) are brought in the Employment Tribunal. The Reading Tribunal is generally the one to which claims from this region will go.

Bringing a claim used to be fairly straightforward. Not so now. If a worker (including an employee) wishes to make a claim, then he or she needs first to go through a compulsory ACAS conciliation system (“Early conciliation”). The idea is to help the parties reach agreement before getting involved in the expense of full blown proceedings.

And if a claim is brought, then the applicant needs to remember that fees are normally payable – see https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunals/make-a-claim

A claim will normally be heard before an Employment Judge sitting with a representative from industry and one from a union background.

Appeals are made to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

We are happy to guide you through the process including providing representation.